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Thursday, January 12, 2012

For Him.

Halim birthday again :)
I'm feel so happy get this oppurtunity celebrate birthday,man that i love.
Thanks Allah for giving this.

I will always try to make him happy on his birthday.
His smile like my breath.

So that i've plan something for his big day.
Not so big event, just a small birthday party with his beloved family and friends.

To make this successful,
For sure i ask a favour from halim close friend. Seriously i dont have their contact number like halim do have my closest friend number.
So that i requested via message from fb.
Pedot and ayoi.
Thankful that they are very sporting and supportive.

I already ask my sister to bake a cake for me.
For sure chelsea jersy. Aha
The funniest part the cake design not like that i want,
But it becomes a beby tee cake.
So cute that
See the picture below then u noe and ask " eh where the chelsea? "

On 3rd of January . Yeah this Is the day.
I'm driving from kuantan on that afternoon after visiting my sisters,
On all the way, I'm  wondering whether tonight plan will succesfull or nop :!
Keep disturbing pedot and Ayoi telling them please make this to be HAPPEN!!
I dont care! *pentingkan diri.
Untung when pedot said
" member punya pasal, aku akan buat apa sahaja" weehuu
Yeah pedot is halim's friend since in the kindergarden. They are so close. Jeleous tengok mereka berdua selalu. #okbuangtebiat

Then petang gerak to KL with Zyra.
Susah tahu pujuk dia nih. Have to promise the moon and stars since Zyra like Puteri Gunung Ledang. Haha.

Then starts too typo halim saying that im off to petaling street because zyra is a shopaholic.
Halim said, "ok syg, drive elok elok,
Abang nak pergi main badminton around 9pm Pedot ajak"
And me said, okay dear, carefull okay.
Padahal  this is a part of the plan. *gelak besar

Around 9.30 after pedot pick up halim, Ayoi directly to Halim's house to give a hand to setup everything.
Me and zyra followed after that.
He so cool.

Halim family is the sporting family that i ever met before.
Actually her sister, along also being part in this cerita. I'm ask Along to delete all the message and recent calls history from her phone.
Ya lorr.. Precaution step. Hihi*__*

Then pedot call.
" kin kitorang main pukul 11. Nanti lepas habes pukul 12 terus balik hantar halim".
Me said: ok dot. No problem. Kitorang tengah setting baik punya"

Then pedot ask me to infrom ayoi to buy a tepong. Haha. Biasalah budak budak nakal.
Nak lumur halim dengnan tepung.
Gasak lah kau orang.

Its almost 12 pm.
Me, zyra, ayoi and halim's family done do all the settings.
Ballon, masquerade mask, whistle everythings done.
Just Waiting for him back from badminton.
Naim, halim's friend suddenly come from Shah Alam just because of this.
uhhuh. Its really touched me seeing their friendship.
I miss my girls already :(

Then 12.15 halim called me.
Mybe he thinks that i forgot his birthday. I just cancel the calls. hihik.
He wouldnt noe on that time i'm holding his birthday cake.

Everyone standing behind the sliding door.

Once halim slide the door,
We all " SUPRISE!!!!" and sing a birthday song.
He was shocked when he look at us.

Me thanks to pedot ayoi zyra and halim family and friends for make this happen. Not just that happen. But HAPPENING.

How the nights end?
I left all the pinggan mangkuk dekat dapur. Teruk punya bakal menantu kan. Haha
And zyra drive my car since i'm so damn tired.

Oh ya. Before we going back,
His friend waiting outside for the judgement night. Well boys kan.
Once halim going out for send me back all his friend pouring the flour all over his head and face.
I'm just standing pretend that i dont know anything. Lols.

What ever it is, everything going smoothly.
I loike yalll.
Cant wait for the next year.
Start thinking from now.

Enjoy the pictures:)


The MAN of the night :) Happy birthday sayang :)
Ini baju beby. Tah mana chelsea nye. lol
Pedot. The guy who help me alot. One more is ayoi. But i dont have his pict. Sorry yoi :p

My cool girl. Thanks Sayang :')

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